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How to judge the quality of UVLED curing light sources


Domestic manufacturers of UVLED curing light sources often mention their product advantages when promoting, but what kind of UVLED curing light source is good? Of course, we cannot just believe in the advertising slogan. As a manufacturer with nearly 20 years of research and production experience in the UVLED curing field, Blue Shield Electromechanical will teach you a few indicators that can be used to judge the quality of UVLED curing light sources. We hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Pay attention to these points

1、 Optoelectronic conversion efficiency: This is a very important indicator. When evaluating the quality of UVLED cured light sources, we first need to consider their rated electrical power and effective optical power output. Those with high photoelectric conversion efficiency will naturally be better.

2、 Uniformity of spot distribution: The better the spot uniformity of UVLED curing light source, the higher the manufacturing level of the light source;

3、 Heat dissipation: When selecting UVLED curing light sources, it is important to pay attention to their heat dissipation efficiency and uniformity, as well as the efficiency of light scattering and electrical conversion and the lifespan of the chip.

4、 Power control system: In addition to the stability of the chip core driving current, attention should also be paid to the reliability of the UVLED curing light source electrical control system itself. There have been incidents in the Shenzhen market where a fire occurred due to the high temperature of the power control system.

The basic indicators for evaluating the quality of UVLED curing light sources are summarized, and of course, the light attenuation and service life of the light source are also important. However, these indicators require time to verify and cannot be visually evaluated. Moreover, the above factors also largely determine the size of light attenuation and the length of service life of the light source. We will not discuss other intelligent control systems, the precision of equipment manufacturing, and so on.

However, it is also important to remind everyone that there is no perfect thing, and everything has its own characteristics and capabilities. When developing and producing UVLED curing equipment, the most important thing is to maximize the use of limited resources, recognize the advantages and disadvantages of each product and technology, and customers can also find the most suitable and feasible solution based on the specific needs of practical applications.

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