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Precautions for using the UV curing furnace


Precautions for using the UV curing furnace:

When UV adhesive passes through the UV lamp irradiation area, the optimal temperature should be 50-60 ℃. Due to the fast curing of UV ink at this temperature, the adhesion after UV curing is strong. That is to say, the lower the temperature below the UV lamp, the better. Especially in winter when the low-temperature factory is polished, there is a situation of poor adhesion and poor leveling. The main reason is that the temperature is too low, resulting in poor curing effect. 2. The UV curing oven should be placed in a location where direct sunlight cannot reach, otherwise the UV adhesive will solidify on the coating roller under the ultraviolet effect of sunlight. If it is not possible to avoid direct sunlight, red and black window cloth should also be used to block the sunlight.

3. The photoinitiator and diluent in UV glue have a certain stimulating effect on human skin. So, during the polishing operation, if the skin comes into contact with UV glue, it should be immediately washed off with soap and water, otherwise it may cause skin redness, swelling, and blistering.

4. The viscosity of UV adhesive varies depending on the type of UV curing furnace. If the viscosity of UV adhesive cannot meet the required viscosity of the curing machine, it can be removed with a diluent or added with a thickener. However, this adjustment will lose the curing speed, brightness, and adhesion of the UV adhesive. 5. Pay attention to regularly cleaning the shaft head. Due to the UV glue flowing into the rolling part of the transmission shaft of the UV curing machine, it will stick to the transmission shaft at high temperatures, affecting the transmission.

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