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Is the light source lamp head of UVLED curing equipment easily contaminated


Friends who have used UVLED curing equipment should know that UVLED curing equipment is generally divided into a control part and a curing light source part. The control part is generally placed in a convenient place for operation, while the light source part of UVLED curing equipment is placed close to the illuminated surface of the product to maximize energy utilization. Quartz glass or quartz lenses are installed on the light source lamp heads of UVLED curing equipment, which are mainly used to protect the LED module and prevent external pollutants from contaminating the LED. What are the main pollutants that UVLED curing equipment lamp heads are prone to and how to solve them?

What kind of pollution is UVLED curing lamp head prone to?

1. Daily floating dust pollution;

2. The organic volatiles of UV glue during curing, as well as the vibration and volatilization of small molecules of glue and ink during the movement of the assembly line, fall onto the glass;

3. During the operation of UV curing equipment, there may be some temperature, and some UV adhesive product materials may evaporate and fall onto the glass at high temperatures.

The ultraviolet light of UVLED curing equipment is high-energy light. If the lamp head glass is contaminated, it not only reduces the intensity of the lamp head, but also causes LED damage due to issues such as reflection and heat accumulation. So during use, try to maintain a clean and tidy environment, regularly clean the lamp head glass, and gently wipe it with a dust-free cloth dipped in alcohol. If conditions permit, it can be used in a dust-free environment. If the lamp head glass is contaminated and cannot be used anymore or affects the lighting effect, it is still recommended to find a manufacturer to replace it with a brand new lamp head glass.

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