About landun



    Dongguan Landun Electromechanical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, focusing on the field of UV curing for more than ten years. It is a professional company that integrates R&D, production and sales to produce UV curing equipment worldwide. There are more than 50 employees and nearly 100 sets of advanced production equipment. There are a large number of engineering and technical management personnel of nearly 30 people at all levels and various types. The company covers an area of 5,000 square meters. The total construction area is 3000 square meters. Under the jurisdiction of "Landun" brand energy saving and environmental protection, UV equipment, automation equipment (including UV electronic power supply, UV machine, UV LED curing machine, UV electric cabinet system, tunnel furnace, UV curing box, UV curing lamp, UV accessories) series of products R & D, design, production and sales of the "Blue Shield" brand sales network throughout the world.

In recent years, the company has cooperated with a certain 211 Engineering University to establish a reserve of scientific research and technical personnel based on the market demand of the enterprise and scientific research and development as the guidance. The company fully implements the internal responsibility management model of the enterprise, and truly achieves the responsibility concept of who makes mistakes, and establishes a functional competition model in various functional departments and workshops to truly practice "internal strength"!

In 2016, Landun Electromechanical was awarded the title of "Guangdong High-tech Enterprise". And in the continuous improvement of domestic sales strategy, conscientiously do a good job in after-sales maintenance. Guided by the market, the concept of promoting product development, quality control and brand image as the purpose is to face the overall improvement of global market promotion and expansion, and embark on a modern and personalized development path of self-reform, self-improvement, and self-improvement.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, innovation-led development" and "multi-party win-win, mutual benefit", the company founded the enterprise and served the strategic partners of Landun Electromechanical Co., Ltd.; the company implemented the UV dream and the Landun core strategy, closely tracking The "2025 China Smart Manufacturing" strategy is oriented to the new concept of the UV industry and market demand, and is dedicated to creating energy-saving, environmentally friendly, stable and intelligent performance UV curing equipment for all walks of life at home and abroad. Since its establishment, its "Blue Shield" "The brand has been well-known in the industry and has become a leader in China's UV industry. It has taken a successful step for the "Blue Shield" brand to be in the forefront of the global UV industry. "Landun" UV series products have established the status of a well-known brand in the minds of distributors and users, and are known as a great horse in the industry.