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Detailed explanation of knowledge related to UV curing machine reflector cover


UV curing machine reflector cover

The types of reflective covers for UV curing machines include focused, non focused, and multi sided reflective types. Generally, a focused type is used. The structural feature of this reflective cover is the concentrated reflection of UV light energy, high light curing efficiency, which is conducive to the curing of thick ink layers and can fully cure the ink in deep layers. In this regard, attention should be paid to the material selection and shape of the UV curing machine reflector.

(1) Material selection for UV curing machine reflector cover

We must choose aluminum instead of iron or stainless steel to save costs, as stainless steel plates will turn black at high temperatures. After turning black, it not only does not reflect light, but also absorbs light. The best reflection effect is the mirrored aluminum oxide plate, which has a reflectivity of over 80%, greatly improving the utilization rate of ultraviolet radiation.

(2) The shape of the reflection cover of the UV curing machine

The shape of the reflector ensures that UV light can gather together, so it is best to choose a semi-circular arc shape. Also pay attention to the installation position of the UV lamp tube to ensure it is at the focal point. In addition, the reflector cover is UV, so the outer side of the aluminum cover should be processed into a heat sink to increase the heat dissipation area.

The reflector plays a very important role in UV curing devices. Some manufacturers often overlook its role and use alternative products as reflector covers, even without installing reflector covers, which wastes 40% -50% of UV energy. The reaction of some manufacturers is that blindly improving the power of UV lamps not only fails to fundamentally solve the problem, but also causes greater energy waste

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