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Advantages of UV Curing Lamp for Blue Shield Curing Equipment


UV curing, also known as UV curing, refers to the UV curing equipment for UV coatings that emits ultraviolet light. It is a device composed of a machine casing, lamp tubes, touch screens, etc., used to fix UV coatings.

The advantages of UV curing lamps include:

1. Instant drying: UV coating can dry in a few minutes.

2. Can shorten the painting process: Due to the omission of pre-treatment steps, the painting process is more concise.

3. High production efficiency: As there is no need to wait for the coating to dry during spraying operations, it can operate continuously for 24 hours.

4. Space saving: The smaller volume of UV curing lamps allows them to be directly installed on painting equipment.

5. Cost saving: Only one type of coating is needed, and lower concentrations of coatings can be used.

6. Environmental protection: UV coatings do not contain organic solvents or volatile substances, thus reducing the burden on the environment.

7. Smooth surface: Due to the fact that UV coating can dry in seconds, a smooth coating film can be obtained on the surface.

8. Can produce lighter products: Due to thinner coating thickness, the product is lighter.

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