About landun

Dongguan Landun Electromechanical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in UV curing equipment for more than ten years. The company is located at No. 10 Wusha Xing 2nd Road, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City. The company is a global professional manufacturer of UV curing equipment integrating R&D, production and sales. More than 50 employees, nearly 100 sets of advanced production equipment. A large number of engineering and technical management personnel at all levels have gathered nearly 30 people. The company covers an area of 5,000 square meters. The total construction area is 3,000 square meters. "Landun Electromechanical" constantly improves the reserve of talents according to the needs of the market, technological innovation, and the concept of after-sales service. Connected to the "2025 China Zhizhi" strategy grand blueprint.

Landun Electromechanical focuses on UV electronic power supply, desktop UV curing machine, UVLED curing machine, stereo UV curing machine, retrofit UV curing machine, UV electric cabinet curing system, portable UV curing machine and UV curing solutions in various industries. Mainly used in plastic metal spraying, printing, roller coating, PCB circuit board industry, wood floor furniture industry, silk screen printing industry, curing and bonding on offset coating machine. The company independently developed and produced uv electronic power supply and won the title of Guangdong High-tech Product. The UV energy-saving power supply adopts the German imported Infineon IGBT module and independently develops the single-chip technology. The company has also invested in the research and development of the third generation of new products UVLED, and has long maintained good strategic cooperation with foreign LG, Seoul and other chip manufacturers, and reached a strategic partnership with Sanan Group, the largest chip manufacturer in China. To make due contributions to the promotion of LEDUV business. In response to the motherland's energy conservation, environmental protection, green business, and benefit mankind.

To achieve the "Blue Dream, Landun Core" strategic blueprint. In recent years, the factory has comprehensively carried out internal management improvement of the company, and established a management system for implementing responsibility system in various functional departments and workshops, and truly cultivated “internal strength”! And in accordance with market demand, we continue to improve the product intelligence technology to meet the needs of the global 4.0 technology market. And with the 211 engineering colleges to form a school-enterprise joint cooperation model to enhance the reserves of technology and talents, and has joined: China Sensitive Society Radiation Curing Committee Asia Radiation Curing Association and other industry organizations, and become a member of the association to expand the corporate view Eyes, the whole step of the international UV curing technology.

In terms of cost, we adhere to the principle of quality and reliability. The company's procurement accessories are all first-line brands at home and abroad, thus ensuring the quality of each product produced by Landun Electromechanical is stable and reliable. According to the needs of different industries and customers, we can customize different products to meet customers and markets. We are committed to creating environmentally friendly, durable, unique and modern UV curing equipment for all walks of life at home and abroad.

Since its inception, its “Landun” brand has been well-known in the industry and has become a leader in the Chinese UV industry. The “Landun” brand has taken a successful step in the forefront of the global UV industry. "Landun" UV series products have the status of well-known brands in the minds of dealers and users, and are known as a thousand horses in the industry.