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Maintenance knowledge of UV curing machine equipment


In order to improve the efficiency of the machine, Blue Shield has conducted extensive research on UV curing machines. Blue Shield professionals will discuss in detail the maintenance of UV equipment with you:

Maintenance can generally be divided into periodic monthly maintenance periods, while maintenance parts are generally divided into small parts and large parts monthly maintenance:

1. Check if the vent of the UV curing machine is blocked and clean up any accumulated dust.

2. Check whether the fan and motor operate normally, and whether the motor speed regulation can meet the working requirements.

3. Check whether the lamp current is normal and whether the circuit is aging.

4. Oil the transmission chain and sprocket.

5. Is the light intensity of the UV lamp still able to meet the working standards, and is the lamp aging.

6. Clean the dust inside the cavity.

Half year maintenance: 1. Check if the circuit and switches of the UV curing machine are normal.

2. The insulation of the transformer shall not be less than 5 megaohms. If it cannot meet the requirements, the transformer must be dried again.

3. Oil the motor gearbox.

4. Clean the reflector with a soft rag dipped in alcohol.

5. Check if the transmission shaft and sprocket are loose, and if the two sprockets are vertical.

6. Is the tension of the mesh belt appropriate.

Only by properly maintaining your machine can you improve efficiency and ensure the safety of your staff. Blue Shield UV machine manufacturers specialize in producing UV curing machines, UV curing machines, and other products. Adhering to the principle of "everything for customers, everything for customers", we aim to create high-quality products for customers.

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