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The 15th international conference and exhibition on radiation curing in Asia was held in hangzhou


The 15th Asian Radiation Curing International Conference & Exhibition (RadTech Asia 2019), jointly sponsored by China Photographic Society, RadTech China and RadTech Asia Organization. China Photographic Society Radiation Curing Professional Committee 2019 The 20th Radiation Curing Annual Conference (RadTech China 2019) will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on October 17-20, 2019. At that time, leaders of relevant associations at home and abroad, leaders of relevant government departments, leaders of relevant brother associations, well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs will attend the event together!

Although the environmental situation continues to be high-pressure, the domestic radiation curing industry still maintains a steady growth, and China has become a major exporter of products and raw materials in the world radiation curing market.In order to better promote the exchange of radiation curable materials, equipment and products in the radiation curable industry in Asia and the world, and to display new products, new processes and new technologies in the radiation curable industry at home and abroad, the 15th Asian international conference on radiation curable materials, equipment and products will be held at the same time.At that time, "the 20th China radiosensitive curing annual meeting" will also be held.Therefore, we sincerely hope and warmly welcome all members of radiation curing committee, domestic and foreign colleagues and related industry counterparts to attend the exhibition, participate in the international and domestic business exchanges and technical cooperation!

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