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The principle and advantages of Blue Shield UVLED curing equipment


The development of Blue Shield UVLED curing equipment has led to the increasing use of UVLED curing ink in both the screen printing and offset printing industries. As is well known, compared to traditional solvent based inks, UVLED cured finished ink has advantages such as good glossiness, strong stereopsis, and no harmful solvent volatilization. Especially in terms of ink drying, UVLED cured ink can instantly cure under ultraviolet light irradiation, avoiding the drawbacks of traditional solvent based inks such as long drying cycles and large footprint, greatly improving work efficiency and quality. After printing with UVLED light curing ink, it needs to undergo UV curing equipment to achieve instant curing.

1、 UVLED curing machine curing principle:

UVLED curing principle for finished products: adding photoinitiators or photosensitizers to a special formula of resin, after absorbing high-strength ultraviolet light in the ultraviolet (UV) curing equipment, active free radicals are generated, which trigger polymerization, crosslinking, and grafting reactions, causing the resin to transform from liquid to solid within seconds.

2、 Advantages of UVLED curing equipment inkjet printing:

In the past, ultraviolet light sources commonly used in the printing industry were high-pressure mercury lamps and metal halide lamps. Due to the large-scale lighting and power supply devices, users were concerned about high power consumption and heat generation, which could lead to damage to the printing press and substrate, as well as the generation of ozone during use. With the emergence of UVLED curing technology, due to its environmentally friendly characteristics, environmental pollution is relatively small compared to solvent based curing machines, and the operating cost is comparable or even lower than solvent based curing machines, so it is increasingly valued.

Blue Shield UVLED curing technology is a new green industry technology, which has been rated as an industrial technology with "5E" characteristics by the North American Radiation Curing Committee. It fully demonstrates the characteristics of this technology, namely high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental friendliness, economy, and wide adaptability. At present, the commonly used UVLED curing lamp holders in the market are generally mercury arc lamps, abbreviated as mercury lamps. UV mercury lamps have limited service life and high energy consumption, but the effective utilization of energy is not high. In addition, although UV mercury lamps have environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly characteristics compared to solvent based inks due to their lack of VOC emissions, UV mercury lamps also have some hidden pollution, such as easy production of ozone, which has a significant impact on physical health.

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