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There are five characteristics of UV LED curing irradiation devices



1. The UV irradiation intensity is over 4000mw/cm2 (referring to a distance of 10mm from the object and an aperture diameter of 6mm), and the theoretical design of 7000 mw/cm2 (referring to a distance of 5mm from the object and an aperture diameter of 3mm) can shorten the adhesive hardening time to 6-7 seconds

2. Output wavelength: 365 ± 10nm

3. Theoretical design service life: approximately 30000 hours, guaranteed service life: 10000 hours

4. UV LED split type: The connection length of the emitter is 1.2m/2m (the connection length can be increased or decreased according to customer needs), and the irradiation head can be changed (according to customer actual requirements); The integrated UV LED can be directly used as a power source with a storage tank, making it convenient for field operations.

5. The UV irradiation intensity is adjustable, and the irradiation time is adjustable and controllable (achieved through external PLC)

UV LED split type suitable for mobile phone cameras; Recorder recording head; Optical disk drive; Hard disk optical head; DVD, CD, MP3/4/5 read-write production line, can also be used for identifying counterfeit banknotes in financial institutions such as banks; The UV-LED integrated system is suitable for on-site quick repair of automotive glass and fine and small parts such as power field maintenance operations.

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