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Blue Shield Launches Laboratory Specific UVLED Curing Machine


In experimental applications with a demand for light curing, many universities choose to trust the UVLED curing machine of Blue Shield Electromechanical. This is not only because of the high quality of Blue Shield Electromechanical curing machines, but also because Blue Shield Electromechanical can provide customers with comprehensive services from testing, purchasing, after-sales, and other aspects, making purchase and use more reassuring.

The Blue Shield Mechanical and Electrical UVLED curing machine is favored by multiple universities, mainly due to its advantages in terms of products:

1. Green and environmentally friendly. UVLED curing machine, as a new environmentally friendly curing method, does not contain mercury, no ozone emissions, and no heavy metals or harmful substances. Play the role of source governance in industries such as printing and painting.

2. Flexible design. UVLED curing machines provide flexible personalized solutions for industries such as personalized printing, packaging, personalized optical devices, and 3D printing.

3. Improve production efficiency and yield. Compared to curing methods such as mercury lamps, UVLED curing machines have a faster curing speed (measured in seconds), are suitable for automated production, and can effectively improve production efficiency and yield.

UVLED surface light source

4. Save energy consumption. Compared to mercury lamps, UVLED curing machines can effectively save about 80% energy.

5. Long service life. Traditional mercury lamps require regular replacement of tubes, which have a short lifespan and high cost; The UVLED curing machine does not require replacing the lamp holder, and its service life is generally over 20000 hours, with better stability.

6. Intelligent operation. The UVLED curing machine has a microcomputer control system, which is intelligent and convenient to operate.

7. High safety factor. The UVLED curing machine is equipped with multiple security protections such as lamp bead protection, over temperature protection, password protection, and error prompts, making use more secure.

8. Provide customization. As a UVLED curing machine manufacturer, Blue Shield Electromechanical can customize suitable UVLED curing machines according to customer needs to achieve better curing effects.

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