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Performance and Application of UV Curing Lamp


Both wavelengths belong to UV. The industrial classification of UV adhesive curing lamps is UVA UVB UVV UVA2, which is different from using UV disinfection lamps in the UVC254nm band. The curing of UV adhesive is generally in the UVA band of 365nm-375nm-385nm.

1. UV curing lamps are used in composite machines, printing machines, exposure machines, shadowless adhesive curing, UV curing, constant peak electronic tubes for UV curing inks and adhesives, optical response, sewage disinfection, polishing, accelerated oxidation processes. UV curing lamps and UV curing lamps are suitable for different occasions and have similar shapes

2. Usually, no matter how many times, as long as the curing requirements are met. But there is a problem with the UV curing machine of the UV lamp tube. High temperature can cause some products to change color, such as lenses and surface glass. When the temperature reaches high temperature, the surface turns yellow, along with the substrate. Of course, this also has a certain relationship. The speed control of the UV mercury lamp UV furnace is to control UV energy. Now curing UV adhesive

UVLED light sources can be used, which is particularly advantageous, especially for UV adhesive curing. This type of light source can control the intensity of the light source.

3. No UV lamp curing. It can be used as a large-scale solar curing, UV adhesive for performance and purpose, and provide customers with the best adhesive. Lithium battery protection UV adhesive. Terminal fixing UV adhesive. Electronic sealing UV adhesive. Acrylic UV adhesive. LED lens UV adhesive. Camera focusing fixing UV glue, etc

4. There are two common reasons for UV adhesive curing lamps. Firstly, the energy of the UV lamp is insufficient. It is recommended to measure the energy value of the UV lamp. Secondly, the required bands for UV luminescent bands, UV ink, UV paint, and UV adhesive strips are inconsistent, resulting in non drying. The design of UV curing equipment is also unreasonable, which is very rare. Professional UV ink solution, UV glue, UV paint, UV paint does not dry, slow but not

Drying, etc. Professional wooden furniture, furniture, flooring, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, spray painting, UV curing equipment, and other energy-saving renovations. The actual tested energy meters work at full power from zero to pilot, which cannot meet energy-saving requirements and are nothing.

5. UV adhesive refers to a UV adhesive curing lamp that requires UV radiation to cure. Without an UV lamp, it can cure in the sun, which is relatively slow. LED UV curing lamps only require 5 stopwatches and are suitable for factory production in 30 seconds.

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