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How to choose the power of UV lamps in UV curing equipment


The application of UV curing machines is very extensive, not only in printing and electronics, but also in industries such as building materials and machinery. UV curing machine is a device that can utilize strong ultraviolet radiation, which can instantly dry and has a wide drying range. The following will introduce the selection of UV lamp power in UV equipment.

The selection of UV lamp power affects the working effect of the light source system. The power of UV lamps refers to the radiation energy of UV lamps, also known as penetration power. Firstly, it must meet the spectral wavelength and power density requirements for UV ink absorption. If the power of the UV lamp is insufficient, even if the illumination time is longer and the number of times it passes through the UV curing device is more, the product cannot achieve complete curing. On the contrary, it can also cause the surface of UV ink to age, seal, and become brittle, and the adhesion of the ink is also poor, which can result in poor interlayer adhesion of the overlay. Because low-power UV light cannot penetrate the bottom of the ink layer, causing the bottom to be uncured or insufficiently cured. Secondly, the power of UV lamps generally needs to meet the requirement of 80-120W/cm, but the higher the power, the greater the heat. Therefore, the power should be selected based on the different curing materials and curing speed. In addition, the maximum lifespan of UV lamps is generally 800-1000 hours, and they should be replaced immediately after reaching this period, as the intensity of the ultraviolet light emitted by UV lamps during this period weakens, which can affect the curing effect. At the same time, it is recommended to clean the surface of the lamp tube and the reflector plate on the surface of the reflector cover with anhydrous ethanol at an appropriate time according to different production environments during the use period, and then rotate the UV lamp tube 90 °. This will achieve better results.

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