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LanDun introduced uva-led products with high light efficiency


     UV is so valued by the industry, on the one hand, because of the promotion of policy environment, on the other hand, because of its significant advantages compared with traditional UV curing technology.

1, high efficiency: UV LED can start instantly, UV light intensity can achieve immediate production effect, traditional UV light source need to preheat, in the UV stable state before production.

2. High quality: the photoelectric conversion efficiency of uv-led light source is high and calorific, and the surface temperature is about 40-65℃, which can effectively prevent printing products from overheating and deformation, so as to achieve high quality and accuracy.

3. High economic benefits: the service life of uv-led light source can be as high as 15,000 ~ 20,000 hours, which is more than ten times of 1,500 hours of high pressure mercury mercury lamp and metal halogen lamp, which can reduce the replacement times of uv-led light source module.

4. More environmentally friendly: uv-led light source module is free from mercury pollution.

LanDun(uvtang) recently launched UVALED products with high light efficiency of 380-410nm.Adopting unique uv-led epitaxial technology, it overcomes the difficulty that the luminous efficiency is lower than that of blue leds and electron holes are not easily bound in the luminous layer, and its performance reaches the international first-class level.

According to the third-party test results, uva-led of LanDun electromechanical displays excellent performance indexes. The test results of the key laboratory of semiconductor lighting joint innovation ** show that the quantum efficiency outside the peak value reaches 67%, and the brightness reaches 700mW@350mA and 1000mW@500mA. The luminous efficiency is equal to that of blue light LED chips, and Droop is far better than that of blue light LED chips.


        This release has three types of structure (high-power vertical structure, flip structure and horizontal structure), a total of six specifications of products.The specification of high-power vertical structure chip is 45×45mil, which adopts silicon substrate LED technology.The specifications of flip chip are 35×35mil and 45×45mil. The main performance indexes are shown in the following table:


        Transverse structure chips include a variety of power ranges in sizes of 11×16mil, 15×29mil, and 45×45mil.The performance and application range of each chip are shown in the table below.


     LanDun has done a lot of reliability tests on the released products.For example, the 45x45mil chip with the inverted structure of 395nm was tested after continuous lighting for 1000 hours under the condition that the temperature of PCB board was 85 ° c and the aging current was 700mA after being packaged with ceramics. The reverse leakage of 0.6ua and the light decay were -2.48%.


       The UVA LED products launched by LanDun have the advantages of high performance and high reliability. Samples are provided and mass production can be carried out according to the standard delivery time.For more information, please visit the official website of blue shield ( or search the public account of WeChat (UV curing).


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