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Uv -led lamp and uv mercury lamp curing machine


    UVLED curing machine is a third generation energy-saving UV curing equipment (First generation: ballast + trigger + UV lamp. Second generation UV electronic power + UV lamp. Third generation: UVLED curing machine), its illumination source is pure ultraviolet light source UVLED (mainstream band is generally concentrated around 365, 385, 395, 405nm), high purity, no infrared rays, no ozone emission, millisecond curing, generally used to cure UV adhesives, UV ink, UV varnish and other UV Paint is a new technology product with energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection and high efficiency. The traditional UV mercury lamp converts the mercury in the voltage-activated lamp into mercury vapor, which emits ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light. However, mercury light sources have several disadvantages such as fast light decay, short life, high power consumption, high cost of use, high temperature rise, large volume, and contain toxic substances such as mercury. The industry has been working to improve the above defects, but it has been difficult to break through the limitations of the original hardware.

Advantage comparison

1) Heat dissipation

The UVLED curing machine in the prior art generally adopts two methods of air cooling or water cooling. Among them, the water cooling and air cooling methods have better heat dissipation effect on the UV LED curing machine, and are the current mainstream trend, and the heat dissipation capability is also superior to that of the mercury lamp.

2) The switch

  UVLED cold light source light solid machine can be turned on and off, can be turned on when needed, can instantly reach the set power, saving energy costs; and UV mercury lamp needs preheating in advance, which is not only wasting time, but also energy.

2) The light source

  The spectrum of the conventional UV mercury emission source includes not only a deep ultraviolet light component with a wavelength lower than 300 nm but also an ultraviolet component of 300 nm to 400 nm, and a visible light component of 400 nm to 700 nm and a wide range of infrared light components. Only less than 25% of the ultraviolet light is effective for the light-curing adhesive, and other parts of the light are wasted, resulting in energy loss.

  The UVLED curing machine has a very narrow spectrum half-width and a high concentration of energy. When such a light source acts on a photosensitive material, its energy utilization rate is very high, and accordingly, the energy consumption is greatly reduced. For UV inks with specific absorption, UV curing with a wavelength of 395nm can be used, so that the 395nm UVLED light curing machine can be integrated into the array to achieve fast and effective curing. At this time, the light source energy is highly concentrated around 365, 385, 395, and 405 nm, and the light source utilization rate is very high. In addition, different design forms can be used to easily integrate UVLED chips into chips with different peak wavelengths to form multi-peak wavelength UVLED surface light sources to meet the production needs of different products.


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