UV Paint curing

How to solve defective products after UV spraying


    Some products are formed by bubbles, cracks and low adhesion after spraying, and most factories deal with defective products in the form of scrap.At present, with the continuous development of coating technology, the treatment of UV defective products have also emerged.

1.Re-polish.This is the more primitive method, using sandpaper to remove the surface UV, and then repaint the UV.The process labor and time costs are relatively large, and the performance after repainting is not stable, is also in the phase of elimination.

2. Paint remover.Use the paint off the surface of the UV wash, clean the surface, and then apply UV, or reapply the primer plus UV.The method of removing paint is relative to polishing, in terms of labor and time cost is greatly reduced, but, the general removal of paint water is more corrosive, may have an impact on the material.

3. Polishing.Polishing is a mechanical method to reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece in order to obtain a bright, smooth surface processing method.This method is also one of the more common methods to deal with defective products, but the processing efficiency is relatively low, for larger UV products, can consider this method.

4.UV reconditioning water.This is a kind of intermediate primer, its role is not to remove the original UV paint film, but in the original UV paint film on the combination, and then spray UV, to achieve adhesion, can greatly improve the yield of the process, to achieve the purpose of saving costs.This method can greatly improve the efficiency of rework.

Physical properties:

1. Chemical composition: polymer interface polymer.

2. Solid content :25%

3, low VOC emission, less pollution, belongs to the new green environmental protection coating.

4. Appearance: light yellow liquid.

Construction technology:

(1) coating process :(defective products → poor polishing) workpiece surface cleaning → spraying UV rework water → air drying for 1-2 minutes → turning UV varnish →IR leveling (60±10℃×4 ~ 6min) →UV curing (700±100mj/cm2) → inspection, finished products.Construction viscosity: 8±1 second (iwata 2# cup) construction pressure: 3-4kg /cm2

(2) construction requirements:

1. Use the same UV finish when spraying;

2. After polishing the defective products, wipe the surface with white electric oil to ensure the surface is clean enough;

3. Pay attention to the coating thickness of UV repair water. Generally, low flow rate and even spray can be applied to the cross;

4, turn the spray of UV finish, to ensure the gloss and other appearance of the effect, as far as possible than the normal coating film thin.


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